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Avoiding Service Of Process

Avoiding Service Of Process

Will your Process Server be Able to Locate Hard to Find Defendants?

Author: Shawn McKinney

If your legal firm hasn't had to deal with a hard to find defendant yet, you're among the minority. Sooner or later, you will run into a situation where service of process proves difficult to say the least due to the simple fact that it\'s not always easy to find people.

Your local Conway server may have no problem finding the majority of people you need to serve with legal documents, but what happens when someone isn't right where they're supposed to be?

The ability to locate hard to find people in a timely, cost effective way is one of the biggest differences between a professional process server firm and an amateur independent contractor. If you know exactly where the individual you're trying to serve lives, this person is unaware of the serving process that's about to take place or they're not trying to hide for any reason, anyone may do for service of process. In fact, many firms try to manage service of process themselves through their employees, friends or relatives, it seems so easy.

The problem is, not everyone is sitting at home waiting to answer the doorbell when a stranger holding documents rings. People who know they're going to be served may deliberately evade the processor. Some move to another address, hide out or literally go on the run to avoid being served.

In other cases, legal firms simply don't have current or accurate information about a person's whereabouts. Even if someone has moved just two doors down in Little Rock, a process server who lacks experience and expertise may fail to find him.

A professional service of process firm will be prepared to handle situations where persons are hard to find for whatever reason. They will rely on information available from a wide variety of resources, including electronic databases and other legal investigative techniques. If need be, the expert server will literally hit the pavement to locate people who aren't sitting around waiting to be served.

If you're considering hiring a server, be sure to ask what they will do if someone can't be found. Only the professional firm who explains they will do whatever it takes to locate a hard to find individual is truly reliable. Such a Russellville process server firm will be able to describe instances where they've successfully located hard to find individuals, including information about how they managed to do so.