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Process Server Directory

How to Hire a Process Server
By []Allison Petty

A process server's job is vital to the legal process. If you want to hire a process server, you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, organized and qualified. But how can you find these people? This article will provide a few general guidelines.

Look for an experienced and resourceful process server. Look for a professional who is familiar with updated regulations, has earned professional credibility with other clients, and maintains a thorough and accurate database of records.

Check out the server's technology. Is it important to you to be able to contact the person you hire at any time, even when he or she is out of the office? Do you want to know the instant the service is completed? In that case, you should make sure that the server uses software to provide you with instant updates.

Look for association memberships. If a process server is a member of local and national associations, he or she is more likely to be credible, professional and up-to-date on ethics and laws relevant to the profession. It is important to choose a professional who is familiar with the relevant legislation in your state, because a professional who violates the law will result in an invalid service for you - and a lot of wasted time, effort and money.

Compare prices, and expect to pay more for faster service. The cost of having papers served often depends on how many attempts it takes and what turn-around-time is expected. Same-day or rush services typically cost more. A "routine" service that takes between five and seven days can cost as little as $20 or as much as $100 in some areas. The national average is between $45 and $75. You might want to check with a few different professionals in your area to compare costs before you commit to hiring someone.

Use a directory. If you do not have time to personally sift through the qualifications of the many professionals in your area, consider using a directory such as, or to look for a qualified candidate.

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