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How to Find Quality Process Servers Online
By []A. Howle

Anybody can get registered as a process server and post free ads on and But there are only a few process server directories that hold advertisers to professional business standards.

National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) maintains an updated, easily-searchable online listing of professionals around the U.S. The association only accepts members who have been registered as process servers for at least one year and can provide two letters of recommendation from legal services professionals, along with the $200 annual fee. Current members receive a list of new member applications and are able to object to any suspicious businesses. Once a server is admitted to NAPPS, they are held to a code of ethics outlining proper professional conduct with clients and subcontractors. Anybody called out for breaching contracts or otherwise conducting business unethically, will be blacklisted from the association. Finding a good server online through is a pretty safe bet. and its affiliate are online advertising directories for service of process providers. They also require servers to be registered for one year and provide two professional references before advertising. The directories are easy to search by city, state and zip code.

Other paid directories like and require advertisers to pay annual fees in excess of $150, but don't require any screening. That's not to say that servers advertising there are less reputable. After all, they are serious enough about doing business to spend money advertising.

Meanwhile, there are free listings that can be found on general classifieds sites like and Many reputable servers who also advertise on sites like and, are taking advantage of those free classifieds. But there are also "moonlighters" posting there, some of whom are probably fine to deal with, but you wouldn't know until you worked with them.

Knowing how directory listings screen and approve their advertisers will help you make the right decision about who will be handling your important legal process.

Ms. Howle is a registered []process server in San Francisco.